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Special Ranges


Special Ranges

Pearls for Little Girls - This range encompasses every thing from christening bracelets to necklace, earring and bracelet sets for "little girls".  A perfect gift idea for grandparents.

Bridal - This range is made to measure for that special day. The whole range can be individually tailored and designed for the whole bridal party, including the groom and groomsmen. Have you ever thought of black pearl tiepins or earring studs for the men?  

Special Moments - These are original pieces. One off only designs. The pieces can incorporate many other gemstones and can include pearls coloured to match material. eg: matching coloured pearls for evening gowns etc. Girls With Pearls use a special colouring technique to match the colour of the pearls to any material supplied. This range focuses on the exotic and extravagance!

Crystal Healing - As individuals with unique patterns of energy and changing needs, it is appropriate for us to wear those gemstones that appeal to us, more so than those which are dictated by market forces. It is with this in mind we have designed a range of jewellry where each piece will be highly prized not only for its beauty but for its healing and spiritual properties as well. It is your choice - choose your crystals to combine with our beautiful pearls to create your own special masterpiece. Discover how your gemstones can enable you to feel calm, energized, or revitalized. Walk with beauty and the universe will reward you with beauty in return.

The Male - For that special Man.  Exciting, strong, different, everything that makes a unique Man.  Choose from bracelets, necklaces trimmed with leather and silver or just a simple pearl or diamond stud.  Have a piece specially crafted or choose from our gallery.

Sahara Diamonds - This jewellery collection is beautifully handcrafted in18k gold or sterling silver and is set with superior quality diamond simulants, coloured stones or pearls.

The diamond simulants used in our jewellery look and behave just like carbon diamonds in terms of their brilliance, fire and longevity, however there is one distinct difference - the price!

Silver Shadow- This range includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings & broooches. Each piece from this range is handcrafted.  Girls with Pearls use only the highest quality 925 sterling silver for these special pieces.  Our silversmiths are based in Thailand, Indonesia and Australia with each of them contributing their own unique cultural designs.