About our Pearls

Girls with Pearls source some of the finest freshwater pearls available in the market today. Stunningly beautiful, they are available in round and off-round shapes, in sizes up to 15mm. As well as classic cream and traditional white, they are also found in an amazing array of colours, from the softest pinks, golden apricots to the exotic blacks.

Grown in mussels in the freshwater lakes of Southern China, these pearls have been produced over many years by families who have passed their secrets down generation after generation. However modern technology is seeing a new generation of Pearl Farmers emerging. The freshwater pearls now being produced have developed from the more familiar 'rice bubble' variety to the round, high luster products, that can be seen today.

As compared to the more traditional Japanese cultured variety, our pearls do not have a "mother-of-pearl" nucleus. Instead they are nucleated by a small piece of mantel tissue taken from another mussel. The result is that the pearls have a much thicker layer of nacre (the material which the mussel secretes to produce a pearl). In fact they are 99.9% solid and therefore have a much longer life. Surprisingly, these pearls are far less expensive than the regular cultured variety.

Shell based pearls are another product, which may be familiar to a lot of people. These are totally man made and can be likened to a synthetic gemstone. Like the Japanese variety, they too, have a mother of pearl bead in their centre, but instead of nacre being deposited by the mussel a coating is sprayed on by machine which gives the cultured pearl look.

Our Australian South Sea Pearls are the most beautiful pearls in the world.  The oyster called the Pinctala Maxima is only found in the areas of Northern Australia and Indonesia. These pearls are the most prized because of their size and brilliant luster. The Paspaley Family are recognised around the world as the leaders in the South Sea Pearl industry.

Tahitian oysters are the only oysters which secrete a black pigment directly into the pearly strata.  Other natural black pearls get their colour when a dark tint from a foreign substance enters each layer of nacre.  Robert Wan from Tahiti is the leader in the production of Tahitian Pearls.

Girls with Pearls brings you the best value pearls well below market price. We sell by the strand, fully threaded with clasps, or made to measure orders.