Terms & Conditions

1. Liability: Goods are your responsibility from the time of despatch until the time we confirm their return. Until goods are paid in full they remain the property of “Girls with Pearls” and must be returned on demand. While they are in your possession you agree to reimburse in full for any damage or loss.

2. Damaged Stock: Damaged stock or return stock should be notified to us within 7 days of despatch date. Goods received by us no later than 14 days from our despatch date will be refunded in full less postage and/or gift wrapping. If item is to be replaced, postage will be free of charge.

3. Wholesale Customers:  We suggest that if any of your customers wish to return products in good condition within 14 days of receipt for whatever reason, then it is appropriate that you either refund the full amount or arrange a replacement. If the product needs repairing and falls outside the guidelines of the “Girls with Pearls Guarantee” then it is your responsibility to repair or replace the item to the customer’s satisfaction.

4. Payment: Payment is made by visa or mastercard online. Payment is made at the time of purchase.

5. Postage: Postage will be charged at Australia Post Rates using their ordinary, Express Post or certified mail rates. The minimum charge for postage is $5.35.

6. Disclaimer: Because our products are largely handmade, there are no two pieces exactly the same.  Therefore the shapes and sizes of our pearls and gemstones may vary as well as the lengths of the pieces.  In our descriptions we try to be as accurate as possible but because we are dealing with some of "Natures Creations" this may vary.