About the Founder

Marilyn Mobbs the founder of "Girls with Pearls", first came in contact with the Chinese freshwater pearls while living and working in Singapore. Marilyn admits that before traveling to China she wasn't really interested in pearls. This soon changed when a Chinese colleague who was a gemologist took her to the remote regions where the pearls are farmed and taught her many facets of one of nature's most beautiful creations. She fell in love with the Chinese fresh water pearl and began buying them for herself during her business trips.

On her return to Singapore, her expatriate friends all loved the pearls and began placing orders for her next trip. This soon developed into a thriving little business and when her contract in Singapore was complete in 1999, she decided to return and develop the Australian market with the fresh water pearls.

Marilyn's pearls have acquired an excellent reputation for uniqueness, quality and affordability. "Girls with Pearls" has developed a love and expertise for all types of pearls, including our Australian South Seas and the beautiful black Tahitian Pearls. Marilyn wholesales her pearls to boutiques, mail order catalogues, and has developed a direct selling network of "Girls with Pearls" in Australia. In 2009 Marilyn launched her e-commerce site which makes her beautiful jewellery accessable for all to purchase.

Marilyn is committed to developing "Girls with Pearls" into a supportive and positive organization, which values growth, pleasure, beauty, uniqueness and success. All the "Girls with Pearls" and boutiques, run their own business - each as different as the person in charge. "We all have a common purpose, and that is to experience the joy of pearls and share them with as many people as possible," says Marilyn. "The pearls people select and the ways they dress with them reveal a good bit about their wearers, including the times in which they live, and a lot about style."

Pearls are timeless.  In ancient times they were handed down from generation to generation.  Marilyn now has four generations of "Girls with Pearls", pictured here is her Mother, daughter and granddaughter.

Some of the turning points for which we offer pearls as a celebratory gift include birth, bat mitzvah, confirmation, sweet sixteenth birthday, high school graduation, twenty-first birthday, engagement or marriage.  Perhaps pearls are a girl's best friend, after all.  At least her first ones, forming a bond that lasts a lifetime.  Pearls are often a girl's first everlasting gift, one which grows with her.

Have you ever found yourself drawn to someone who was wearing pearls.  You might be captivated by someone else wearing diamonds, but its the diamonds that sparkle.When a women wears pearls, it is she who shines.  Pearls complement a woman in whatever she is doing.  They become part of her, not something worn by her, and when she wears her pearls, they light up with their own uniqueness which highlights the fact that..........